Launched: 2007

Prize: A Golden Key treasure or the winner can choose to claim the cash value (minimum $10,000).

Treasure location: Mount Desert Island in Maine, the prize can be claimed without visiting the location.

Format: A book with picture and text clues.

Typical clue:

Community: There is some discussion of this hunt on popular forums such as Mysterious Writings,

Notes: This picture book involves a story about a fox seeking the golden key belonging to the Sea-King Neptune. It follows the classic armchair treasure hunt format of hidden anagrams and mysterious number clues. If you want to solve this treasure hunt you’ll need to be quick, the rules state the contest will run until Nov.26th, 2020. If the prize is not claimed by this date the $10,000 will be given to charity.

More details: 

Fandango: The Key To The Wind

Mysterious Writings